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Pinboard Consulting provides comprehensive, step by step graph database consulting, graph analytics and ongoing support for graph implementations.


Starting with an initial assessment of concept and requirements the Pinboard team will work with you throughout your graph database implementation, helping you to gain deeper analytical insight into your data.


We offer a range of engagement methods from off-the-shelf implementation and integration packages, to more complex, bespoke packages tailored to your needs.


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Stage Zero

Assessment, Proof of Concept and Benefit Estimation

As part of stage zero we:

  • Work with your key business and technical teams to assess your use case, strategy and benefit analysis

  • Analyse your existing system architecture and to-be roadmap

  • Assist with project planning and budget assessment

  • Gather and document your data requirements

  • Create a rapid prototype of a graph database based on sample data

  • Complete a proof-of-concept design for your graph outcomes: analytics, digital-twin, single-view of data, machine learning, etc.

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Stage One

Graph Implementation

To reach the goals and gain the benefits set out by your stage zero planning, we work with you on:

  • Implementation

    • Definition and documentation of detailed requirements

    • Definition and documentation of technical specifications

    • Implementation of your new graph database

    • Integration of upstream and downstream systems

    • Data migration from existing or legacy systems

  • Process embedding and enhancement

    • Definition of to-be operating model

    • Creation of user guides and training plans

    • Recruitment and training



Stage Two

Enriched Analytics and Insight

Once your graph database has been installed and embedded, you can start to gain the benefits set out in your stage zero assessment.

Access the full power of graph analytics for:

  • Social networks

  • Supply chain and bill of materials

  • Fraud detection and prevention

  • Operational resilience

  • Environmental impact assessment

Integration with existing or new machine learning platforms:

  • Identify factors in your data only available from graph representation

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Stage Three

Random Graphs and Deep Insight

If your analytics needs go beyond the standard techniques and application landscape, Pinboard can help you bring in techniques from the leading edge of graph theory and academic research including:

  • Multilayer complex network analysis

  • Dynamics and time-slice graph theory

  • Parameter induction from random-graph model analysis:

    • Preferential attachment models

    • Priority task-list based long tail distribution models

    • Similarity and popularity based connectivity formation

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Ongoing Support

At Pinboard Consulting we appreciate that new technology can take time to bed-in. To assist our clients, new or old, we offer support for existing graph database implementations, enhancements and extension, additional system integration and migration, and support for your in-house graph database teams. Whether it's taking advantage of new analytics or visualisation opportunities, or integrating your new graph database to your ledger and financial reporting systems, Pinboard Consulting is here to help.

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