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At Pinboard Consulting we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals within the world of graph data; whatever your objectives, Pinboard Consulting will help pave the way to your success.

"By 2025, graph technologies will be used in 80% of data and analytics innovations - up from 10% in 2021 - facilitating rapid decision making across the enterprise" - Gartner Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Data and Analytics, 2023.

Pinboard Consulting’s team of passionate graph specialists will help you achieve your goals and gain the maximum benefits from graph technology.




CEO and Founder

“Having started as a physicist working on Nuclear Fusion followed by a 25 year career in IT and Consulting, I see huge potential in graph databases and the opportunities they bring to a vast range of companies: from supply chain to FMCG to Finance to Manufacturing to Retail to Marketing and beyond. I am excited to bring these opportunities to companies across the world, to help them implement graph technology within their organisations, and to help them get the maximum possible benefit from these amazing new technologies”

Industries: Banking and Finance, Manufacturing and FMCG Supply Chain, Telecommunications

Specialities: large scale implementation programs, complex-dynamic network analysis



Graph Database Consultant

"From my background in python programming I think graph databases are the future. There are things you can do with graph databases that just can't be done with standard relational databases or NoSQL. Bringing these new capabilities to data analytics will give companies a significant edge in their markets"

Industries: online merchants, B2B enablement

Speciality: data engineering



Graph Business Analyst

“As a result of years of work experience across different industries, I have a deep understanding of how much time and effort is required to pull and organize data when it's stored in traditional databases. Graph databases allow faster results, better problem-solving, and real-time data. Graph databases provide benefits for many use cases such as social networking, supply chain mapping, fraud detection, and recommendation engines. I am excited to be a part of a consulting practice that helps clients implement this cutting-edge technology into their organizations.”  

Industries: manufacturing & retail supply chain, e-commerce, logistics  

Specialties: operations management



Graph Database Consultant

"With a passion for Data Science and problem solving, I became a consultant to enable me to put these skills to use in a field where I can provide solutions to clients on a variety of problems and projects across a range of industries. With analysis of graph data outperforming relational databases in a wide range of tasks, I'm excited to be able to bring these benefits to our clients and aid their businesses."

Industries: real-estate

Speciality: machine learning



Graph Database Analyst

"I gained a real appreciation for the importance of graph databases whilst studying Graph Theory at University. The scope for what is possible with the use of graph technology is endless and we are at the bleeding-edge of graph database adoption. Being able to provide deep graph analytics and insight will revolutionise many of the industries still using traditional databases."

Background: actuarial science, statistical modelling

Speciality: data analytics



Graph Database Consultant

"My interest in graphs began after completing my MSc Data Analytics at Queen Mary University. My experience studying data analytics made it easy to see the use-cases of graph-based data solutions, and how powerful they are. Being able to apply graph theory and graph analytics in so many different fields and industries makes it a very appealing thing for me to learn and try out.'

Background: economics, statistics and data analysis

Speciality: data analytics



Graph Database Consultant

"After working in general system implementation consulting, moving into the dedicated graph database world has been great! Being able to help companies solve problems with cutting edge technology and analytics is what I hoped for when I started in consulting."

Background: ETL development, supply chain, consulting

Speciality: GSQL development 



Graph Database Consultant

"Drawing from my background in Data Analysis and Visualization in Supply Chain, I firmly believe that graph databases represent the next step for data-technological advancements, particularly in the realms of scalability and performance. The unique data structures they use allow for unprecedented insights and efficient processing. I am thrilled about the opportunity to contribute to a consulting practice dedicated to aiding clients in the seamless integration of this innovative technology within their organisations."

Background: supply chain, ETL development

Speciality: data analytics and visualisation 



Junior Graph Database Consultant

"After graduating in Physics, I became excited by the rapidly growing field of data and analytics, leading me to do an MSc in Data Science. Throughout my internship with Pinboard, I immediately noticed the power of graph to enhance current technologies and transform industries. I was very happy to join as a full-time employee to help our clients on their graph journey and continue to be at the forefront of graph databases."


Background: physics and data science

Speciality: GSQL development



Junior Graph Database Consultant

"After earning my MSc in Data Science, I developed a keen interest in the transformative power of graph-based data solutions. Drawn to the unparalleled advantages of graph analytics over traditional databases, I am excited to apply this knowledge as a consultant. Equipped with a strong foundation in Data Science and problem-solving, I am ready to provide cutting-edge data solutions for clients in diverse industries."


Background: software engineering and data science

Speciality: data engineering for graph

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